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Proactive Asset Protection

We help seniors, and their loved ones avoid losing everything to the high costs of long-term care. By planning before a health care crisis strikes, we are able to help families protect their life savings and their home. We refer to this as “proactive asset planning and protection.” You can usually protect the most amount of your money, if not all, if you plan early. Proactive asset protection involves learning what your wishes are with regard to your health, your finances, and any future care you may need. We make sure your wishes are transferred to properly drafted legal documents so that you don’t have to worry about anything but enjoying life.

Proactive asset protection also relieves stress on the entire family if a health care crisis does strike a loved one. Most of the work is done when we create the plan. By doing the work early, if a government program like Medicaid is needed later, there’s much less to do to get a loved one qualified.  The plan is already in place and you and your family can make the transition for care with less stress and conflict. By doing this type of proactive asset planning, you are giving your family the gift of peace of mind, knowing that if a health care crisis strikes and you need long-term care, the plan is in place, and everything is taken care of.

Through proactive asset protection, we also make sure the proper legal documents are in place to appoint agents as needed for health care and financial decisions. You can rest easy knowing that your entire plan is in place, and you have choices down the road if care is needed.

Our goal is to make sure you have total peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out, and your home and savings are protected. You have worked so hard to create a legacy and leave your savings and home to your family. If you don’t plan, all of your money can quickly be spent on your care. There is no certain age or a certain amount of assets that one should possess before planning is appropriate. No matter your age, or how much or little you have, you will want to ensure your family won’t be financially burdened should you need long-term care. Protect it early.