Elder Law

Elder law focuses on the needs of the aging population.

Our goal is to help families in all stages: Whether healthy at home, transitioning to care in an assisted living facility, or receiving care in a nursing home in Kentucky. We explore all options to help families protect their homes and life savings, and we look at government benefits, like Medicaid, that may help pay for care. The best plan is to give you options. There are many legal strategies that can be employed for protection and choices. We will work with you and understand your goals in order to implement the best strategies for your case.

The odds are that a senior will need some sort of care during their lifetime: illness strikes, falls happen, and dementia sets in. With the advances in medical care, Americans are living longer lives. However, there is still a high rate of Alzheimer’s and other diseases that affect our seniors. Don’t risk your family’s well-being by not having choices in place should you need care in your golden years.

When a parent, spouse, or loved one is struggling with an illness or injury, it impacts the entire family. The health care issues alone can be overwhelming. An illness or injury can be unexpected for a senior, taking over busy schedules and putting a strain on families.  Knowing what questions to ask the medical staff, finding appropriate care at home, or choosing a facility, if necessary, are all common struggles families face.

The financial challenges that follow can also create unnecessary stress on families. Questions families often face include:

  • Who will make sure the bills are paid?
  • Who has access to mom and dad’s accounts?
  • How will we pay for care?

We help families plan for the day when mom or dad might need care.

Questions about proper care, including who will make decisions for mom or dad, as well as how to pay for care without losing everything, are all covered as part of our elder law and estate planning services for clients in Daviess, Ohio, Henderson, McLean, Hancock, Hopkins, and all surrounding western Kentucky counties.

If your family is already experiencing a health care crisis, it’s not too late to plan. There are still options.  It’s important to address care and financial decisions right away, and we can help. If you can’t get to our office, we’ll come to you! We make house calls throughout western Kentucky.

What makes our firm the best choice?

  • We truly listen to you and understand your unique situation.
  • We want to help you and your family protect your life savings and your home.
  • We are open and honest with you about your case.
  • We want to give you as many choices as possible and help you understand each choice in detail.
  • We are respected throughout western Kentucky.
  • We believe in helping families so much that we make house calls!