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Is your criminal record holding you back? Talk to an Owensboro Expungement Attorney and find out if it is possible to expunge your criminal record. 

Some mistakes can be erased. It’s very possible that if you have put your past behind you and you are living a positive, productive life that expungement is possible. The process is straightforward, but the easiest path to ensure success is by consulting an experienced Owensboro expungement attorney and finding out if you qualify.

Here’s a problem many people face: even if your charges were dismissed or you were found “not guilty” and the case is over, the record is still there for all to see. So, while you were found innocent and there was not sufficient evidence to convict, you still have to walk around with a blemished record that can make employment difficult.

No one wants a damaged reputation, and a criminal record is exactly that, especially in the minds of employers.

If you want to know what you can do to get your criminal record erased, pick up the phone and speak to an attorney at Ben Byers Law Office today. We’re ready to help you move on with your life.

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Can an Owensboro Expungement Lawyer Help?

The expungement process in Kentucky is a legal process put in place to allow ex-felons and those with a criminal record or arrest history to petition the court to have their history of arrests and convictions permanently deleted.

This means that you can erase each eligible arrest or conviction from your record — it will be as if it never happened.

This also means that you can legally state that you have no convictions, you will not be required to inform a potential employer that you have been convicted in the past, and none of your eligible arrests or convictions will come up with a background report.

While expungement is certainly a possibility if you meet the requirements under Kentucky law, your record will not be automatically expunged without you first obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility and then filing your packet and petition for expungement with the court. For expungements of misdemeanors and felonies, there is a cost associated with each filing that must be paid directly to the court. There is no court fee to expunge an acquittal or dismissal.

For misdemeanors, a hearing, if necessary, will be scheduled within one month of filing the petition with the court.

A judge will make the final decision on expungement. This is why it is extremely important to make sure the petition you file is perfectly drafted and demonstrates to the court that you deserve to have your criminal charges expunged.

Q: Can misdemeanors be expunged in Kentucky?

A: Yes, you can file to expunge any amount of misdemeanors you have on your record as long as it has been five years since you completed your sentence or probation. DUI convictions are the only exception. A DUI can only be expunged after ten (10) years from the date you were initially charged.

Q: Can a felony be expunged in Kentucky?

A: Yes, but only certain types of felony charges can be expunged. It is possible to expunge multiple Class-D felonies, but they must be a part of the same case or incident. Expunging Felony charges  is much more complicated and only certain felonies are eligible. Speak to an Owensboro expungement attorney to understand your particular situation and what you must do to begin the process.

Q: Can a history of my arrests be expunged in Kentucky?

A: It depends on the circumstances, but in most cases, you can have arrests, acquittals and indictments expunged from your record.

If you were acquitted:

If you went to trial and were found “not guilty”, you are eligible to petition the court to have the record of this arrest removed from your criminal record after 60 days.

If charges against you were dismissed:

If you were charged with a crime and that crime was later dismissed, those charges can be expunged 60 days after the charges were dropped, though there are certain limitations.

If you are unsure about your particular situation, the best thing to do is contact an Owensboro expungement lawyer to discuss what to do next. You can book a call here.

Talk to an Owensboro Expungement Attorney Near You

Let’s not pretend you get a second chance to make a first impression. As someone with a criminal record, you know all too well the embarrassment of talking about a past conviction with an employer or having to fill out what charges you’ve been convicted of every time you fill out an application.

Yes, the mistake happened. But some mistakes can be erased with time, and if you’re leading a productive life, it’s your time to move past the shadow holding you back and fully embrace what it feels like to be unshackled from past mistakes.

It’s a beautiful thing to look back on the past and see the person you have become today. And today, if you are here reading this, is a time in your life where you deserve a second chance at that first impression.

We seriously want you to call us. We’ve helped countless clients finally put the past to rest and move on with a record that reflects the person they are today.

We’ve helped them. We’re positive we can help you too.

Curious how we can help? It’s simple — an Owensboro expungement attorney at Ben Byers Law Office can help you navigate the expungement process in a quick and efficient fashion, so you know that it was done right, and done right the first time.

It’s time to move on with your life. Take the next step and call today.